15th December 2016

Simply Wealth Newsletter – Autumn 2016

TEACHING YOUR KIDS ABOUT MONEY Financial habits are formed by the age of seven, according to research by Cambridge University1 for the Money Advice Service. By this age, the report says, most children in the UK are capable of complex functions such as planning ahead, delaying a decision until later, and understanding that some choices are […]

Simply Money Newsletter – Autumn 2016

THE FINANCIAL LANDSCAPE POST BREXIT The outcome of the EU referendum was announced in the early hours of Friday 24 June and undeniably came as a shock to many people here and abroad. Uncertainty caused the pound and stock markets to fall. David Cameron resigned and a new government was formed. The new Prime Minister, […]

4th December 2016

Economic Review of November 2016

Our monthly economic review is intended to provide background to recent developments in investment markets as well as to give an indication of how some key issues could impact in the future. It is not intended that individual investment decisions should be taken based on this information; we are always ready to discuss your individual […]